Why choose me for your education?

Reason #1:

I love nails and teach from a place of passion for them, unlike a lot of educators who choose to become educators due to a lack of interest in doing nails or being tired of their job.  I love what I do, so I made it my mission to assist others to grow as artists and to become boss babes like me!


Reason #2:

I have 8 years of experience running my own successful business as a gel nail artist.  I am young and up to date with what it takes to build a successful nail business via social media and networking.


Reason #3:

Unlike a lot of nail educators who disappear after the classes are complete, I truly want to watch my students succeed, which is why I am so involved with all of them following their time with me in class.  I even have an Instagram nail engagement group chat for all of my students to post their work and engage with each post, to boost the engagement on their social media platforms.  Students are guaranteed ongoing support from me until their certificate is received <3

Reason #4:

I am a Licensed Educator, meaning if you choose me for your nail education, you will be able to shop with any wholesale distributor! You will also have the qualifications to get a job in any salon.



Reason #5:

The Academy of Electrik Nailz is unique because it provides intimate, hands-on training directly from me.  With small class sizes (maximum 4 students), you receive my undivided attention.  I am able to watch you work all day and can assist you by noticing any mistakes you are making while you are in class with me. This way I can help you correct any improper techniques right off the bat so that you feel confident in your technique once you go home to complete your practicum!



Reason #6:

My kit options include an abundance in high quality nail supplies that I have hand selected from my many years of experience. Unfortunately, many other nail training programs provide small, outdated, overpriced, and undesirable student kits.  When I first got into nails, my kit was absolutely awful.  I immediately tried to upgrade it by buying new products from the suppliers, but with the lack of experience and brand knowledge, I wasted a lot of money trying new products and hating the majority of them!  


Learning from a pro means that you get to bypass any purchasing of low quality products, and start your career with a kit full of all my personal favourite products – products that are going to lead to your greatest success!



Halo Nail Academy

Electrik Nailz is offering gel nail certification as well as nail art and shaping education now through Halo Nail Academy